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Welcome to the PAPA 5 Home Page.

This page was designed to gather in one place all the info you need to get the most out of the PAPA 5 pinball tournament.

Results from PAPA-4 are also on-line. Click here to jump to them.

The Important Stuff

The tournament begins on Friday, February 3 at 11 AM, and runs through Sunday, February 5th at the Park Central Hotel, located on 7th Avenue near 55th Street in New York City. There will be 3 main divisions, in addition to a women's division, a juniors division, doubles play, and special "shootout" events.

The total purse will be an amazing $30,000 including cash and prizes.

The Park Central hotel is offering special room rates to PAPA players and their guests. Double rooms are only $89 a night, triples and quads are only $109 a night. Reservations are recommended and must be made prior to January 27 to guarantee these rates. Call 1-800-346-1359 or 1-212-484-3300 for reservations and mention PAPA. (Parking will be at the Edison Brothers lot at 49th St. and 7th Avenue. It's $10 a day with 24 hour access.)

More information is always available at PAPA Central, the Broadway Arcade.

Folks flying in from out of town can click here for information on how to get from any of the three regional airports (LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark) to the tournament.

* PAPA 5 results

Results for all divisions are online...

* LIVE! From PAPA 5!

A collection of live (well, almost live) reports that were made from the tournament floor, including commentary, pictures and scores...

* Games featured at PAPA 5

Here's a list of all the games at PAPA 5, complete with pictures, rules and tournament settings...

* PAPA 5 Player Information Guide

This is the official PAPA 5 Player Information Guide in plain text form, suitable for viewing online. It explains how the tournament works; it describes the divisions and prizes (including special "shootout" competitions); in fact, it covers everything you need to know to compete at PAPA 5. It's essential reading for everyone who plans on entering the tournament.

* PAPA 5 Internet Mini-Tournament Description

It's a tournament within a tournament, just for folks on the Internet. It's free to enter, and you get to compete against the folks from for a $500 prize package.

* 1-800-FLIPOFF message

Read a transcript of the message you'll hear if you call the PAPA 5 hotline. (Courtesy of Chris Guilmartin, who originally posted it to Last updated Monday, January 16.

* Urban Desires Article on PAPA-5 produces various on-line magazines, including Urban Desires, and published an article on PAPA-5 with lots of pictures in Issue 1.3.

* PAPA-5 Media Tape

David Peller has once again compiled a tape of the media coverage at PAPA-5.

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