PAPA 10 World Pinball Championships

PAPA 10 was the greatest PAPA tournament in history, just like every PAPA before it!

PAPA 10 was featured on "OnQ" on WQED - watch it here! (Windows Media Player required)

PAPA 10 was held October 11-14, 2007
Final Results now posted!
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World Pinball Champion - JORIAN ENGELBREKTSSON
Total Points Scored in All Divisions: 1,263,269,690,148

Players of all skill levels are welcome. It's fun just to come watch or play the practice machines. PAPA is the only major pinball event in the USA dedicated to competitive tournament play, and it's terrific fun you can hardly find anywhere else.

PAPA 10 was also a great place to play extra matches for the PAPA Advanced Rating System!

Hotel and travel details are available.

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Remember, players of all skill levels are welcome and are eligible to win!