PAPA 15: Changes for 2012

This is a list of differences between PAPA 14 and PAPA 15. We are implementing these changes based on player feedback and new ideas. You may also want to review the changes made in 2011.

  • The shuttle will not be running to the DoubleTree (former Radisson). Instead, it will run to the very nice Marriott Courtyard and the Extended Stay America. Travel details are available here.
  • The restrooms have been upgraded and swapped! The men's room will be to the left, and will consist of 9 toilets, while the women's room will be to the right, offering 5 toilets.
  • We are closing at 1am on Friday and Saturday nights, instead of 2am and 3am.
  • The Seniors division had been eliminated but has now been restored. We will likely be revamping the Seniors (and possibly Juniors) format in future years.
  • Final rounds for the Juniors and Seniors divisions have been moved to Saturday evening at 8pm.
  • The prize package has been revised, primarily to boost the top prizes in C, Juniors, and all three days of Classics.
  • Each day of Classics will take sixteen finalists.
  • The seeding for final rounds has been changed to reflect more conventional ordering, which also corresponds with Pinburgh finals seeding.
  • Stay tuned for more!
We appreciate all forms of constructive criticism (please contact us), and look forward to seeing you this year!