PAPA 7: World Pinball Championships

PAPA 7 was the triumphant return of the World Pinball Championships, presented by the folks who have operated four Pinburgh tournaments. As the first PAPA tournament since February 1998, this was larger than any of the previous Pinburgh tournaments.

PAPA 7 was held September 9-12, 2004!
Final Results now online!
Total prize package more than $25,000!

PAPA 7 has ended. Any information on this site which refers to PAPA 7 in the future tense is out of date; these pages remain online for reference only.

Players of all skill levels are welcome. It's fun just to come watch or play the practice machines. PAPA 7 is the only major pinball event in the USA dedicated to competitive tournament play, and it's terrific fun you can hardly find anywhere else.

Hotel details are available. Facility location and directions are available.

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Remember, players of all skill levels are welcome and are eligible to win!