Tournament Circuit: How It Works

The PAPA Tournament Circuit provides a full year of high-quality competitive pinball events, sponsored by PAPA, culminating in a special Circuit Final tournament.

We have selected ten high-quality events, distributed evenly on the calendar as well as across the country. Each event is worth the same number of points, as shown below, and everyone is eligible to play for those points. Each player's five best results contribute points to their total for ranking purposes.

Rank Points
1st 100
2nd 75
3rd 60
4th 50
5th 45
6th 40
7th 35
8th 30
Rank Points
9th 28
10th 26
11th 24
12th 22
13th 20
14th 18
15th 16
16th 14
Rank Points
17th 12
18th 11
19th 10
20th 9
21st 8
22nd 7
23rd 6
24th 5
At the end of the PAPA Circuit season, the top twenty ranked players will be invited, along with anyone else who has won a Circuit event, to compete in the Circuit Final tournament the day before Pinburgh. This tournament consists of two phases, Endurance and Marathon.

In the Endurance phase, the four lowest-seeded players play a machine, and the player with the lowest score is eliminated and replaced by the next highest seed for the next round. The winner of each game receives an immediate $100 prize.

Once there are four players remaining, the Marathon phase begins. All four players compete in a series of seven four-player matches, scored in the standard PAPA finals format. As before, the winner of each game receives an immediate $100 prize.

The payouts for finishers are as follows:

Cash Prize
1st Place $2,500 and trophy
2nd-4th Place $800 and plaque
5th-8th Place $300
9th-12th Place $200
13th Place and below $100
Each Game $100 for each victory, a minimum of $2,300
Total Prize Package: $10,000+!

There is no fee to participate in the Circuit or the Circuit Final. The top finisher will receive the title PAPA Circuit Player of the Year.

For further details, please consult the complete official rules or our detailed FAQ.