PAPA 9 World Pinball Championships

Classics Division

The Classics Division is subject to specific rules and scheduling restrictions which do not apply to other divisions of play. The Classics Division will be open for qualifying entries only on Friday and Saturday, with each day being handled as a separate competitive event.

On Friday, qualifying in Classics will be open from 11 am to 8 pm. The final rounds, which will take the top eight qualifiers from that day, will be held beginning at 9 pm, and will consist solely of head-to-head matches and single-elimination rules.

On Saturday, qualifying will begin again in Classics, open from 11 am to 8 pm. Scores from Friday are not relevant to Saturday's competition. At 9 pm, the same type of final rounds will be held.

Each day's Classics division has its own cash prizes, and players are free to enter on both days. The Friday competition will be designated as Classics I, while the Saturday competition will be Classics II. The Classics bank of machines will not be open for play outside of these times, although we will also have older electromechanical machines available for play in the practice banks.

We have organized Classics in this fashion due to concern about the ability of older machines, in some cases more than forty years old and heavily restored, to sustain fifty hours of competitive gameplay. Also, scoring in this division requires close supervision by scorekeepers due to the ease with which scores can roll over; expert scorekeepers are often in short supply.

Please read about the other divisions of competition.