Pinburgh 2011

Pinburgh 2011: Match Play For All!

Charity Benefit

As the Cupids & Canines event is no longer being held at PAPA, there is a strong charity component to the Pinburgh 2011 tournament. Every $10 roll of tokens pre-purchased results in a $20 donation to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. Each player is being invited to purchase at least $20 worth of tokens, resulting in a $40 donation. Each $10 token roll purchased at the event will result in a $10 donation to the Humane Society, as well.

There will be a custom, collectible token for Pinburgh attendees only; this ultra-rare token will be included in each roll of tokens sold at the event, but otherwise will not be put into circulation.

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is the premier open-door animal shelter in our region, and they help over 13,000 animals each year. PAPA has been a long-time supporter of WPHS over the years, and we are proud to make this deserving charity a strong focus of the new Pinburgh 2011 tournament event.

You can read more about WPHS at their Web site.