Pinburgh 2011

Pinburgh 2011: Match Play For All!

The first relaunched Pinburgh match-play tournament was a fantastic success! We are already making plans for Pinburgh 2012, but for now, let's focus on the PAPA 14 World Pinball Championships, being held August 11-14, 2011.

Pinburgh 2011: March 18-20, 2011
Details of Final Rounds
Congratulations to KEITH ELWIN, Match Play Champion!
Total raised for Western Pennsylvania Humane Society: $12,550

Pinburgh 2011 introduced a unique match play concept that ensures every player is competing for at least two solid days, with no eliminations until the final day. The tournament structure has been developed by Bowen Kerins, former World Pinball Champion and all-around great guy. The structure of the tournament accommodates players of all skill levels, so please, don't be shy! Please read this quick overview of how the new tournament format works.

The tournament is a completely open event with a single registration fee ($100) that gives each player at least two full days of competition. As an added bonus, every $10 of tokens bought at registration will yield a $20 donation to charity!

There will be a custom, collectible token for Pinburgh attendees only; this ultra-rare token will be included in each roll of tokens sold at the event, but otherwise will not be put into circulation.

Click here to view/download the Pinburgh 2011 poster!

Players of all skill levels are welcome, as well as spectators. The tournament provides the opportunity for terrific competitive play, but everyone is also welcome to browse the machines, play practice games, meet other players, and watch the competition.

Hotel and travel details are available. Spectators are also welcome, at no charge. Most non-tournament machines cost 2 tokens (50 cents) to play.

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Remember, players of all skill levels are welcome and are eligible to win!