Pinburgh 2013: Changes for 2013

This is a list of differences between Pinburgh 2012 and Pinburgh 2013.

  • The entry fee has been raised from $100 to $150. As always, admission to the facility will be completely free.
  • We have restricted the event to a maximum of 400 players.
  • We have added a D Division, to reflect the broader range of skill levels amongst so many players.
  • We have further clarified skill-based division restrictions.
  • We have changed the Major Malfunction rule to add balls from a new game, rather than requiring a complete replay as the only option.
  • We are collecting league affiliations at registration time.
  • We will no longer create "widowed" tiers of 4 players when the tier size is greater than 8, to avoid "trapping" the same group of players together in consecutive sessions.
  • Certain machines are now designated as single-player, in order to minimize the effects of jackpot rollover and lock stealing.
  • 2-player and 1-player groups are now possible under specific circumstances when one or more players are absent. These should be very rare.
  • We will open one day early this year, in order to run the Circuit Final event. There will be no Pinburgh competition on this day, but spectators are welcome and the facility will be open to the public. Practice on tournament machines will only be available on this day (Thursday).
  • There will be a short warm-up tournament when the doors open at 9am on Friday, to encourage attendance and player check-in.
  • We are running a shuttle to three hotels.
  • We will be reserving parking directly in front of the facility for carpooling only.
  • We have added a remote parking lot, which the shuttle will visit.
  • The Sidepot! has been eliminated, due to a lack of interest.