PAPA 16: Divisions & Prizes

PAPA 16 features six divisions of play, three of which are skill divisions. There is no official doubles play (except for certain mini-tournaments), and we do not have a separate Women's division. Women are capable players just like anyone else, and should enter in whichever division they choose!

The three skill divisions are designated A, B, and C. The C division is suitable for casual players, first-time competitors, and other novices. The B division is suitable for players with league or tournament experience, or anyone looking for a greater challenge and potential reward. The A division is for league or tournament champions and other world-class players.

The special divisions may be entered by any player who meets requirements, independent of entries in other divisions. The Juniors division is open to players 16 years of age or younger. The Seniors division is open to players 50 years of age or older. The Classics division is open to all players, and utilizes only pinball machines released at least 20 years before the date of the tournament; Classics will always include some electromechanical models. Note that the Classics division has special rules and schedules which do not apply to other divisions, and that each day of Classics is treated as a separate event with its own final rounds. You may not play in the finals of Classics III and Seniors because of a schedule conflict; any player who qualifies in both divisions must pick only one.

Each registered player must choose only one skill division in which to play. A player may choose to move to a higher skill division, automatically voiding all entries in lower divisions (no refunds are provided), but no player may move to a lower division without special permission from tournament officials.

The following restrictions are designed to discourage any player from intentionally competing beneath his or her level of skill:

  • Any player who has placed in the top four of the B or C division at the finals of any previous PAPA or pre-2004 Pinburgh tournament must enter the next higher division in their next PAPA tournament. If they fail to qualify in the higher division, they may return to the original lower division in the following year.
  • Any player who has qualified in the A or B division of any previous PAPA or pre-2004 Pinburgh tournament may not enter a lower division in subsequent tournaments.
  • Any player who has placed in the top four of the A or B division at a post-2010 Pinburgh tournament must enter that division or higher at their next PAPA tournament.
  • Any player who has placed in the top four (or three, if only three players are ranked as winners) in any skill division of any other major pinball competition (e.g. Pinball Expo, IFPA, California Extreme, etc) may not enter the C division at PAPA.
  • Any player who has not qualified in five or more years may, at the discretion of tournament officials, be allowed to enter a lower division. If any such player demonstrates an inappropriately high level of skill for that division, they will be required to move up to a higher division.
  • At the discretion of the tournament officials, any player may be required to move to a higher division based on his or her performance or past league or tournament standings.
  • Any player who plays in more than one skill division will not be allowed to void their first entry in the higher division. Non-voided entries are used by the automated scoring system to establish which division is valid for each player.
The guaranteed prize package for each division is as follows.

A B C Classics I + II + III Juniors Seniors
1st Place $10,000 $4,000 $1,000 $1,000 + $1,000 + $1,000 $500 $500 and trophy
2nd Place $4,000 $2,000 $500 $500 + $500 + $500 $300 $300 and plaque
3rd Place $2,000 $1,000 $300 $300 + $300 + $300 $200 $200 and plaque
4th Place $1,000 $500 $200 $200 + $200 + $200 $100 $100 and plaque
5th-8th Place $350 $250 $100 $100 + $100 + $100 $50 $50
9th-16th Place $150 $125 $50 $50 + $50 + $50
Top Qualifier $500 $250 $100 $150 $50 $50
Target Scores $100 Prizes for Specific One-Day Scores, to be announced
Total Prize Package: $45,000+!

The winner of the A Division will also receive the title "World Pinball Champion".

All competing players are required to register before playing any qualifying rounds. Registration is only $5, and allows each player to purchase as many subsequent entries as he or she likes. Pre-registration is not required. Any player may register at the tournament itself whenever qualifying rounds are open.

Pricing for each entry can be found here. Further details on registration and purchasing entries can be found in the Official Rules.