PAPA 16: Changes for 2013

This is a list of differences between PAPA 15 and PAPA 16. We are implementing these changes based on player feedback and new ideas. You may also want to review the changes made in 2012.

Please stay tuned for updates!

  • We have expanded payouts in Classics to 16 places, and in Juniors and Seniors to 8 places.
  • The failure of a lit kickback no longer counts as a major malfunction; this is the logical counterpart of beneficial malfunctions, and part of the physical nature of the game.
  • The rules and schedule now clarify the cutoff times for selling entries and completing them, on each day. Note that we will not allow entries to extend beyond the second cut-off time.
  • Final rounds for the Juniors and Seniors divisions have been moved to Saturday evening at 6pm and 8pm, respectively.
  • Entries will close one hour earlier on Saturday, to allow the necessary setup time for Sunday.
  • We are not running our traditional mini-tournaments this year. There will be a charity tournament running on Wizard of Oz on Friday. Details will be available on-site.
  • No player may be absent for more than three minutes while his or her ball is waiting to be played. This is a rules clarification.
  • Please remember that the restrooms have been swapped, with men's now on the left, and women's on the right.
  • Stay tuned for more!
We appreciate all forms of constructive criticism (please contact us), and look forward to seeing you this year!