PAPA 16 World Pinball Championships

Each year, PAPA operates the largest, most competitive pinball tournament held anywhere in the world, bringing more than a thousand players and spectators together to enjoy four solid days of brutal pinball battles and plain old-fashioned fun!

The PAPA 16 World Pinball Championships was held August 8-11, 2013.

World Pinball Champion - Bowen Kerins
Final Rounds
Qualifying Standings

Players of all skill levels, as well as spectators, are welcome. Although PAPA is not a "show" in the usual sense, there is something for everyone. The facility is open for four days, free of charge. Hotel and travel details are available here. Players may also choose to register on-site upon arrival.

Please read about the changes made from PAPA 15 to PAPA 16. You may also be interested in reading about last year's PAPA 15 World Pinball Championships.

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