PAPA 14 World Pinball Championships

Information for Media

Media people (reporters, photographers, documentary makers, etc) are welcome at the tournament, and coverage is appreciated. PAPA representatives are also available for interviews, although availability is very limited during the event itself.

We do ask that anyone documenting the event respect the fact that all competitors are working very hard to concentrate on their game, and that any and all distractions are unacceptable during qualifying entries and final rounds. In general, this means staying out of the line of sight of players, not distracting players with lights or noise, and not setting up equipment too close to the qualifying and final rounds areas. There is plenty of room in the break area and the practice banks to interview players, document pinball play, et cetera. Certainly, many of our players are fascinating, gregarious people who give good interviews.

Please note that there is no fee to attend the tournament without competing. Registration is required only for players; anyone may visit as a spectator, or may play practice bank machines which are set to coin play.

If you have any questions about the event, particularly about specific coverage you have in mind, please contact us.