PAPA 14 World Pinball Championships

Charity Mini-Tournaments

Beginning in 2008, the mini-tournaments have officially been dedicated to charity. We are offering donated prizes, rather than cash, for mini-tournament winners, and all proceeds will go to our designated charity or charities. For 2011, the designated charity is the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

At any time when qualifications are open, players may choose to enter any of the special mini-tournaments offered. Each entry costs $5 per player or team, and registration is not required. Each player may enter as many times as he or she likes. In each competition, play on the designated machine is under a specific set of rules, and the highest total score in each category (Expert and Novice) wins the assigned prize.

For each mini-tournament, entries are separated into Expert and Novice categories. This is done automatically, according to which player(s) have participated on an entry. If an A or B Division player has participated, the mini-tournament entry automatically becomes an Expert entry. If no A or B Division player has participated, the entry automatically becomes a Novice entry. Any player who is not registered, or who has not played in any skill division, will have his or her entries treated as Novice. In the event such a player later enters the A or B Division, his or her mini-tournament entries will automatically be reassigned to the Expert category.

We are planning to offer some or all of the following mini-tournaments:

Other mini-tournaments than these may be offered, and there may be more than one mini-tournament of a given type.

To participate in a mini-tournament, players should pay the entry fee at the registration desk, where they will be assigned a score sheet and scorekeeper. The scorekeeper will submit the completed entry for scoring. In the event no scorekeeper is available, players may be required to wait.

Cash prizes are not offered for mini-tournaments; instead, we will be offering pinball-related items, many of which have been generously donated.

Please see section VI.1 of the official rules for complete details of mini-tournament play, final rounds, and the awarding of prize.

In the event of major malfunctions or other problems, tournament officials may elect to discontinue any mini-tournament at any time.