Pinburgh 2012: Changes for 2012

This is a list of differences between Pinburgh 2011 and Pinburgh 2012. We are implementing these changes based on player feedback and new ideas.

  • We have bumped the guaranteed prize package up to $25,000 minimum!
  • The schedule has been tweaked to allow for longer dinner breaks and an earlier start for final rounds on Sunday.
  • Rounds are now played on 4 machines rather than 3. Three-player groups will play a round on 6 machines.
  • Tiebreakers at the end of Friday will now allow players to indicate their division preference.
  • In final rounds, 2 players will advance from each 4-player group, rather than having all players in the round competing across groups. This is a critical change from traditional PAPA finals, and more in keeping with the match-play nature of the tournament.
  • We have added language to section VI.2 of the rules to cover very specific cases in major malfunctions.
  • The rules for major malfunctions, beneficial malfunctions, and catastrophic malfunctions have been updated; in most cases, players will have the option of starting over (with no safety score) or accepting their score as-is, rather than the "play additional ball(s)" rules used at PAPA 14.
  • On Saturday, we will have masseuses available from 12:30pm until 9:30pm, charging $15 for 10-minute sessions.