Pinburgh 2012: Pricing

A one-time registration fee of $100 is required of each player who wishes to play in the Pinburgh tournament. When pre-registering, players may also commit to purchase PAPA tokens for gameplay in tournament or casual games. Games will be set for token play, and players may purchase more tokens as desired. Remember, each pre-purchased token roll results in a $15 donation to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society!

There will be a custom, collectible token for Pinburgh attendees only; this ultra-rare token will be included in each roll of tokens sold at the event, but otherwise will not be put into circulation.

For an additional $100 fee, players become eligible for the Sidepot, which consists of 100% of the Sidepot fees. If you're confident in your abilities, step up and put your money on it!

Due to the match play nature of the tournament, no player may register for Pinburgh less than two hours prior to the start of play. Also, you have to join the Sidepot before the competition begins.

Please note that pre-registration is required for all players! Registration on-site is only available until 10:45am on Friday.

The facility will be open to spectators, with no admission fee. There will be over 200 pinball machines available for token play!